Achieve luxury interiors sourced from global artisans, in one destination

Your signature style deserves premium décor options. We refined our soft furnishing offerings for the best experience in luxury interiors. Our ranges now include materials with irrefutable quality sourced from international decor destinations.

High-end global décor for discerning tastes

Every one of our products reflects our highest commitment to bringing the décor industry superior soft furnishings. Our rugs, wallpapers, and fabrics are available in multitudes of patterns, colours, weaves, textures and rub counts. Want to sidestep assembling the ideal theme? Explore our eight pre-selected themes in Anthology. Our team specialises in sourcing materials to achieve the on-trend vision of luxury interiors for you or your client.

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A world of décor choices from Silk House

Our décor sourcing specialists strive to discover and import high-quality goods from all over the globe. Whether you are dressing a home or office or completing a large-scale project, you’ll encounter products with reduced flaws and exceptional quality.

Our collection now encompasses goods from countries at the forefront of their product offering.

Upper-market fabric and upholstery

We source our upper market fabric and upholstery from India and China. Our team ensures the mills we use for our manufacturing get audited and comply with responsible sourcing. We place a great emphasis on not supporting any form of child labour or unethical business practices. China has an abundance of raw materials used for creating and supplying the world’s goods.

Our printed curtain and upholstery fabrics mainly come from Spain.

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Most of our wallpaper is from Belgium and Germany. Think modern design with high-quality standards created from natural materials – and you have Germany. It is the leading furniture exporter of Europe and is valued for its commitment to quality and reliable offerings.

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Our rug collection originates in Turkey and India. Turkey has a richly woven history of carpets segmented into two distinct styles. Early Turkish carpet styles include geometric motifs and natural designs. Later on, iconic flower motifs and medallion emblems trace back to the classical Ottoman period. Hardy portable rugs assisted the nomadic Turks of Central Asia by creating an easier stepping ground in tents. These later evolved into the luxurious decorative feature known today.

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Decorative Hardware

Our sister brand Papini Accessories sources a majority of some of its decorative hardware from South Korea. This division’s offerings include suspension, styling, concealing, gathering and accessorising through solutions like:

  • Curtain rails
  • Curtain tapes
  • Decorative rods and pelmets
  • Tiebacks and trims
  • Tie all your ideas together

You can compile your favourite pieces and themes together with our mood board feature. By organising your chosen colours, materials or room inspirations, you will be one step closer to creating the ideal décor experience.

Create luxury interiors with a world of inspiration

Your next decorating project deserves a premium experience in both look and feel. Achieve luxury interiors for you or your clients – begin by visiting our Silk House showrooms or contacting us.

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