Fabric and interior design trends: fresh ideas in 2022

Applying the final interior décor touches to a space? Don’t forget to use stylish rugs to tie it all together. Our team of soft furnishings experts have collected some of the top trends for this year in the world of rugs. We feature the common themes for 2022 and the styles that are set to make a real statement in any room.

stylish rugs

Roll out these stylish rugs for this year

As part of our home textiles and soft furnishing offerings, our rugs are a range not to miss. We strive towards sourcing and curating a rug collection that adds texture and design to your floor space with on-trend looks. Our three main ranges include:

Jute and Natural Fibres 

The robust and hardy qualities of natural fibres take on high traffic areas while ageing gracefully.

You’ll enjoy this range of materials for its minimal maintenance requirements.

Chenille and Velvet

Welcome the luxurious warmth of these textures. Both are perfectly suited for low-traffic, intimate areas achieving a soulful ambience. This style comes alive in two creation processes — printed or woven.

Our printed collection contains pieces with their design printed into the rug material.

Silk House’s woven range showcases pieces with designs sewn or embedded into the weaving process.

To refresh any interior space, we collected the top trends in stylish rugs. While there are some general themes to look out for, we have seen a strong comeback for classic designs.

Bold colour

Interior spaces are getting brighter and bolder as a response to the lockdowns faced worldwide. You’ll be sure to see more shades of relaxing, grounding greens and pops of energetic orange. Explore Prisma, Caspian, and Santiago for their splashes of colour.

stylish rugs for living rooms

Pairing and playing with patterns

Get ready for an explosion of eye-catching patterns that piece a whole space together. Think bright colours and strong, multi-patterns. Get creative with patterns found in Marrakesh, Kashan and Luxor.

Personality and storytelling

Now more than ever, showcasing what makes you and your tastes unique is worth celebrating. There is a huge sway towards buying into brands and products that tell a story, and interior spaces are no different. Being yourself is a trend in itself — and we love piecing all those elements together. Whether colours, textures, themes, designs or novelty speak to you, be sure you are true to yourself. Our collection is sure to provide a little something for everyone to express themselves. Piece together your favourite looks using our Mood Board to craft your space.

Sustainability and ethical sourcing

In addition to being stylish, sustainability is the biggest — and most important — buzzword. Brands are being approached for full disclosure on their sourcing methods, ethical practices and transparency with the consumer. 

As such, Silk House prides itself in striving towards ethical sourcing. Our team audits all production plants with initial visits before we order from them. We take extra effort to ensure our sources avoid employing child labour and poor working conditions. Sustainability and ethical endeavours are here to stay and our team is looking forward to the future of interior furnishings.


These three styles are still trending as ever and taking interior spaces by storm.

vintage rugs


Classic, cool and available in a variety of colours, vintage will never go out of style. To enjoy these rugs to their fullest, be sure to rotate them so that they are evenly worn. Channel this classic look with Nain.

moroccan rugs


Dive into the diverse collection of Moroccan patterns and colours with rugs that celebrate handwoven techniques. They offer a beautiful and practical solution for insulation, keeping rooms, feet and paws warm. Try this look captured in the designs of Kashan and Caspian.


We love the ever-evolving world of geometric designs. This style keeps pace with the modern and minimal look while being diverse enough for any space. The possibilities with colours, patterns, and materials are endless. Explore your favourite looks with Dire, Infinity Geo, Texcoco, Olmec or Aria.

Tread into the world of stylish rugs with Silk House

For more expert insights into interior design advice on stylish rugs and trends, contact us. Be sure to explore our complementing wallpaper and fabric guides for this year’s décor trends.

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