Room wallpaper designs: get inspired with the latest trends of 2022

Ready for a decor upgrade? Look no further than these trending looks using exciting room wallpaper designs. Our experts have chosen three top styles to try and hand-selected the ideal wallpaper pieces to achieve them.

Room wallpaper designs

Select, style and showcase with Silk House

Transforming your space into a luxurious oasis? Our team of soft furnishing curators and suppliers at Silk House are here to present all the possibilities. Set the tone with enticing room wallpaper designs — simply start by exploring our full wallpaper collection.

Meet these luxury wallpaper collections

If you are looking to use a specific design or a colour scheme, we have the tools to help. Browse multiple elements with our wallpaper filter. On our wallpaper page, look to the left and you can search by colour, texture, and design in all of our wallpaper offerings.


This collection offers a multitude of textures and techniques, from foiling and paint effects to realistic embroidered 3D effects. Whether you want botanical glamour, colonial grandeur, or classic contemporary, you will find all this with Spectra’s range.


Express yourself with the varieties of botanical, geometric, abstract and whimsical designs. Celebrate your interiors in style — and say it with Panache.


Explore the offerings of Opus. Feature realistic stone and waves to botanical, geometric and repeating motifs like damask and more.

Refresh with these room wallpaper designs

We’ve gathered the top three trends we adore. Explore these picks and how to best showcase them in any space.

  1. Look to the sky and the Earth

Think of rich jewelled blues and white hues adorned with metallics to achieve a palette only found amongst the stars. Use neutral wallpaper choices contrasted with richly coloured marbled surfaces. Or — achieve the same effect with the opposite by pairing colourful wallpaper with neutral features. Explore Marmo, Cordoba, Broadway, Erté, Edmonton, Augustus or Hexagon for their unique interpretations of a nighttime dreamscape. Achieve subtle luxe looks with Flaky or Carina in Golden Glow or Caviar.

Room wallpaper designs: get inspired with the latest trends of 2022
  1. Circling back to arches, curves and luxe lines

Bring back the sensational shapes of the 1920s and 1960s. Celebrate the artful, softened edges of a bygone era by inviting in grandeur. We love how an architectural feature can be emphasised with strategic wallpapering. 

Alternatively, you can create a unique presentation by how you cut and apply your chosen wallpaper. Summon illusions simply by displaying faux archways with long, curving pieces of wallpaper on a feature wall. We love the swooping curves found in palm designs like Florida Keys or Kiss Foil Palm Leaf. Browse selections with geometric designs such as Kiss Foil Geo or Wave Rider Metallic or explore Beech Leaf’s rounded aesthetic.

  1. Escape with travel-inspired motifs

Satisfy urges of wanderlust and whimsy with your décor. Nothing quite gives the same effect of escapism with vibrant designs and scenes complemented with novelty decor.

  • European exhibition— transport yourself back in time with baroque-inspired imagery originating from Italian and Dutch roots with the rich floral collections of Full Bloom.
  • Relax in Japanese gardens — unwind amongst the cherry tree prints of Kyoto (available in Raven, Misty, Sun Ray and Sky).
  • Celebrate African elegance — channel natural splendour with Elephant Grove, Banana Palm, and Deco Tropical.
  • Refresh in the tropics — draw inspiration from island destinations like Bali or Hawai’i with Kinabalu and Kiss Foil Palm.
  • Showcase Mediterranean marvels — sculpt your space with classic tilework imagery featured in Azu.

Decorating using these room wallpaper designs is just the first step in upgrading your space. Be sure to explore our rugs and luxurious fabrics for curtaining and upholstery. For more inspiration for your decorating project, contact our soft furnishing experts.

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