Unleash your inner designer with Silk House wallpapers

Our wallpaper ranges are sure to inspire you!

It is time to unleash your inner designer and revolutionise your home with our collection of captivating wallpapers! From modern elegance to eclectic charm, we have the perfect wallpaper to transform your beautiful living spaces into a sanctuary of inspiration and style.

Explore our incredible collection of patterns, colours, and textures to enter a world of possibilities that will amaze you. We offer designs for every taste and personality, whether you favour a delicate and sophisticated look or a strong and vibrant statement.

You can easily create a focal point in your living room, a calming atmosphere in your bedroom, or a burst of energy in your study with the help of our wallpapers. Make every moment at home enjoyable by letting your walls tell a story that reflects your unique personality.

Each roll of wallpaper we produce is a testament to the superior quality we are committed to obtaining by only working with the best designers. You can rely on our high caliber of production to give you the best possible result, making your walls the envy of everyone who sees them.


Contemporary design and geometric shapes, fine grasses and rough natural stone combined with a sophisticated interplay of matt gloss effects and calm, subtle colours – this is how the Composition collection is arranged to create its distinctive effect.

En Vogue

The En Vogue collection is a feast for the eyes. Comprised of an eclectic mix of contemporary designs with vivid, realistic textures, this collection is sure to inspire and uplift. From bold geometric patterns to delicate floral motifs, each design is a work of art in itself.


The focus of the Florentine collection is on patterned wallcoverings and botany design prints in a wide variety of types and colourways. Tall bamboo, oversized florals, tropical palm trees, colourful banana leaves and imaginative leaf creations invite the eye on a journey of discovery.


True to its name, you are sure to experience a compilation painstakingly selected and culminating in a true Symphony. This compilation represents a much toned-down earthy palette symbolic of the environmentally friendly and natural landscape that’s globally sought after currently.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can embrace extraordinary.

For more inspiration and information, visit our website or contact one of our soft furnishing experts.

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